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City Getaways

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More Fun

Our Group Tours are fun-filled with lots of activities and adventures to  indulge in with your fellow explorers with Citadel tours.


More Support

Nothing like the support of your fellow travelers would make you feel right at home. Join our Group Tours and get encouraged to go on more worry-free adventures.


Sharing  Memories

Memories are more cherished when shared. Our Group Tours will help you meet new friends and make some unforgettable memories.

City Gateways

Don’t you hate it when you don’t have enough time  to explore a certain city during your tour? Well, we at Citadel Tours solved that problem with our very special City Getaway, which offers you the chance to dedicate more time to the city of your choice for 2 to 6 days tour.

City gateway is the perfect way to discover a city for the first time or spend more time in your favorite destination. You’ll enjoy Beach relaxing, history in depth, safari or diving. It is ideal for extended stay, or enjoy stopover and learn new experience.